Business Profile


WE SEE BLINDSPOTS! Business blind spots are one of the most common and dangerous challenge’s entrepreneurs face. Common because it’s almost impossible for a business not to have blind spots considering its various aspects and dangerous because most entrepreneurs are unaware, they exist. As an entrepreneur your perception is bias, left unchecked it can birth misplaced commitment to failing strategies, allow group thinking to set in and a festering obsession with profit concurrently losing sight of the business core vision.

APEXVISION consulting package identifies your unique blind spot and assist you with developing and implementing your customized resolution. WE SEE BLIND SPOTS! WANT TO RESOLVE YOURS?

Agent Profile

  • Business Consulting for Profit & Non-Profit Organizations

  • CVO– Creator/Implementation of Youth Entrepreneurship Program

  • Legacy Strategist

  • Intuit Pro Advisor Certified Specialist

  • Humanitarian Advocacy


Zakariyyah Zabek, Enrolled Agent, and the CVO of APEXVISION. Mr. Zabek utilizes his skills and expertise gained over a 10+ year financial service career, to help small business owners succeed. Mr. Zabek specializes in small start-up companies and tax advisory with considerable knowledge in the world of finance including IRS representation, corporate finance, and taxation, multi-entity capital structuring. A visionary strategist, Zabek makes it a priority to learn his clients’ businesses in depth, which enables him to offer solutions that meet the needs of each client.  Complete IRS and State Tax agency representation personally or on behalf of businesses; managing, negotiating and settling any claims, audits, payments, or debt taxpayers have against the Internal Revenue Service.

Zakariyyah Zabek is also the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Visionary Officer of the Leonard Jones Minority Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. in Dallas, TX. Also Chairman of Gospel International Ministries, instrumental in the Harvey Home Project providing temporary housing for the natural Disaster Victims and overwhelming need for a place for clergy people and missionaries alike to receive confidential downtime in order to stay productive in serving their people.